What size should I get?
Traditionally wetsuits are meant to be tight to create a good seal (and keep the cold water out). When we designed our wetsuits we kept our little babes in mind - who likely aren't spending hours sitting out in the line up - so their suits don't have to be 'skin tight' in order to keep them protected from the elements. With generous 2 way stretch and silky soft lining, they are pretty easy to get on, but when in doubt we suggest sizing up. That way your guaranteed more use out of your suit!

How do I wash my wetsuit?
For best wear and tear we suggest rinsing your suit off in fresh cool water immediately after use and hanging it to dry, out of the sun. In a pinch (mommas you know what we're getting at here) you can give any excess mess and sand a rinse off and then pop it in a laundry bag and wash on the gentle cycle with a mild detergent and hang to dry.

What the heck is Oceanwear!?
When we started designing for Others, and friends and family started asking what I was working on, it felt like the only right way to describe what we were aiming for. Sitting somewhere between the perfect staples and classic surf wear, Others aims to create essentials for your family that every parent will love and every kid will enjoy.

Our goal is to be as ethically/globally minded and sustainable as possible. As we grow our line we’re building on our ethical and sustainability practices by working with established brands, who know what they’re doing, and doing our best to innovate where we find gaps in the industry

**To find out more about our sustainability practices click here.